Tamer Bakiner

    Tamer Bakiner is a business investigator, consultant, keynote speaker and bestselling author. Among his clients are energy corporations, companies listed on the German Dax index, star lawyers, car manufacturers, celebrities, pharmaceutical companies, insurances, banks and wealthy individuals.

    His domestic and international cases are spectacular, his investigation methods unique and success is virtually guaranteed.
    In 2007 Tamer Bakiner unraveled a major waste scandal in East Germany. Not only big business but also several high-ranking civil servants as well as local and state politicians were involved.

    In 2015 he landed another coup by exposing the brains of the Eastern European trash mafia who were also active in Germany.

    Both cases were supported and broadcast by the German TV show ZDF Frontal 21.

    In 2016 Tamer Bakiner was featured in the German primetime Saturday documentary on VOX “Kidnapped – a father fights for his daughter”.

    Bakiner and his team have solved around 1000 cases in 20 years. With his partner network he operates all over Germany and in more than 50 countries worldwide.