Sven Körner

    “Die GrowthCon vereint Fachwissen und Investoren unter einem Dach. Hier kann man als Startup seine Ideen testen und gleichzeitig konkret Geschäft machen.”

    “Life’s a rock show – better be on stage” – following his mantra, Sven J. Koerner tries to get the best of both worlds by combining academic and corporate life.
    Sven is a cognitive/semantic/DeepLearning/MachineLearning/NLP computing and cloud expert, an early adopter of new technologies and AI researcher. He gives talks and keynotes about the latest technology and is one of the advocates for demystifying AI. Sven worked on artificial intelligence “before it was cool”.

    Sven has a PhD in computer science and 13+ years of experience with NLP/AI/Machine/Deep Learning and the associated applications such as Virtual Assistants, Robotic Process Automation, LegalTech, InsurTech, and FinTech. He published his work in IEEE, ACM, and high-ranked conferences around the globe. Sven is part of program committees in his main research field.

    Next to his academic profession, Sven also roamed the “real world” working for a number of software companies in different teams across the globe. His focus was on business development, partners, and PreSales. He worked with the leading vendors such as Salesforce, Amazon, SAP, Microsoft, Google, etc.

    As a team lead, Sven is described as an enabling leader. To name a few, Sven established development (test) teams, technical writing teams, started a cloud technology team before the cloud hype and ran PreSales.

    Specialties: NLP, AI, NLU, Cognitive Computing, Semantic Computing, Cloud Software, Software/Requirements Engineering, Customer Communication