Remco Westermann

    Remco Westermann was born in the city of Eindhoven (Netherlands) in 1963.

    In 1990, he graduated from the Erasmus University Rotterdam with a master’s degree in Business Economics and already believed in the potential of the entertainment sector.

    His career took him from being an advisor at Adstrat to CEO as well as Chairman at companies such as Sonera, SoneraZed, Bob Mobile AG and Samarion SE.

    As of November 2012, Mr. Westermann is the CEO of gamigo AG.
    The gamigo group functions as a publisher for free-to-play mobile and online games and also offers several B2B services within the scope of the gamigo platform strategy.
    The gamigo platform helps publishers and developers from all over the world to publish and promote their products efficiently and cost-effectively. gamigo strives to grow its business organically as well as via acquisitions and has performed 20+ M&As since 2013, including companies specializing in games and technology as well as individual game assets.