Martin Micko

Opening Panel AI/Deeptech at GrowthCon17

    Martin Micko is an experienced manager, who has been working for more than 15 years in leadership positions in large corporations such as IBM, Sony or EMC². In 2015, he decided to join SearchInk, a Berlin based startup that uses Machine Intelligence in order to support companies to extract relevant data from highly arbitrary documents and images such as insurance claims, health reports or order forms. This enables SearchInk’s customers to substantially increase efficiency and/or cut costs.


    Interview with GrowthCon17, 3 May 17

    Where is the top hub for AI in Europe?
    London, Berlin

    Is the European ecosystem ready to power this deep tech revolution?
    The European ecosystem is as much ready to power THIS deep tech revolution as any other. Europe is still lagging behind in many ways, however it has also been ramping up recently in terms of skilled people, funding and attitude. However, there is still a long way to go.

    Why is speed the blood of artificial intelligence?
    Machine Learning as one of the key aspects of AI is all about algorithms that improve automatically through experience. The earlier you start training those algorithms and the more data is being provided to train them, the better. Both aspects provide a substantial competitive advantage.

    Why we should not fear artificial intelligence?

    Well, because after all it’s the human being, that defines the AI’s intelligence.

    What is the most important technology change you have seen?
    I personally believe that VR will drive the biggest change in our everyday lives.