Markus Koch

    Markus Koch has covered Wall Street and the stock market for well over twenty years, and is credited for becoming one the first reporters to broadcast live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. He was nominated for the German Television Award, the Business Journalism Award of the German Derivates Association, and recently received the prestigious Friedrich Vogel-Award for outstanding business journalism for one of his many behavioral finance based Web-productions.


    1994 – present
    President and owner of New York based Wall Street Correspondents,
    Inc. Created in 1994, the production company focuses on a wide range
    of financial markets content mainly for the German language market.

    1996 – present
    Capital Markets Reporter for the Cologne based news network n-tv

    German Television Award nomination for financial markets news

    Produced and Anchored German television broadcast series “In 70 days
    around the World”, exploring the growth potential of the Emerging

    Produced and anchored “In Between”, a short film series focusing on the
    human aspects of finance and economics in the aftermath of the financial

    German Illustrated Book Award nomination for “Backstage Wall Street”,
    for capturing the spirit and behind the scence glimps of the New York
    Stock Exchange and its community of financial experts on Wall Street.

    Produced broadcast special “Dream factory Wall Street” for 20th
    Century Fox Germany in connection with the release of Oliver Stones
    “Money never Sleeps”.

    Produced the German language edition of “Floored”, a documentary
    focused on the technology-driven revolution shaping the lives of floor
    traders at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

    Produced and anchored “Iron Trader”, the first web-based stock trading
    competition that combined a casting show with web based gaming.

    2013 – present
    US-Financial Markets coverage for Handelsblatt Group.

    Economic advisor and content development for the short film series “We
    the Economy”, produced by Microsoft Co-founder Paul G. Allen and
    Film Director Morgan Spurlock.

    Produced the German language edition of “Four Horsemen”, a british
    documentary focused on the state of the financial markets and economic

    Nominated for best economic reporting by the German Derivates
    Association for the short film “Moby Dick – a lesson for Investors in
    dealing with fear”.

    Producer of “Auf der Couch by Markus Koch”, a new take on financial
    markets style Talkshow, produced at the Rational Theater in Munich.

    Produced DWS Investments Web-Series “Ach du liebes Geld”, about the
    psychology of investing and why people do what they do. With 8 million
    views on YouTube and Facebook, one of the most watched financial
    markets Web-Series in the German language space. Received Bronze
    from the New York based Midas Awards for best financial advertising.

    The production of the show series “Auf der Couch by Markus Koch”
    receives the award for outstanding business journalism from the
    Friedrich und Isabel Vogel-Stiftung.