Kai Herzberger

AdTech-Panel at GrowthCon17

    Kai says about GrowthCon17

    „I am thrilled joining GrowthCon in Frankfurt in June. It is not only a come-together of leading digital disruptors and companies in the AdTech world as well as venture capitalists, it is the auditorium to start into something we call Industrial Revolution 4.0 where mobile and video consumption are a changing habit on how we consume information, discover products and companies and prepare us as end consumers as well as marketeers for the new commerce era.“

    Kai Herzberger is heading the eComm & Transformational Retail team of Facebook for the DACH & EMEA region.

    He was former CMO of DailyDeal and Head of Marketing at BuyVIP, two startups he sold to Google respectively Amazon. His analytical background in market research gained him the leadership for the International Marketing team of AOL in Dulles, VA.

    Kai holds a MBA of Kellogg/WHU and is co-founder of ReFuture Digital GmbH and Shops2Stay UG. He holds stakes in Falcon Agency, CineApp and other startups. Kai is empathic and drives for sustainable business growth. He spoke at events such as Online-Handelskongress, Handelskongress, Social Media Nights, Startup camps in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, Fifteen Seconds Festival, Hightechgründerfonds Day and is a founding member of the Spam task force of eco Verband e.V.