John Butler

    John says about GrowthCon17

    “I’m especially looking forward to the diversity of GrowthCon and thus learning about fascinating new business ideas outside my own area of expertise (FinTech).”

    John Butler is the Chief Executive Officer of the Lend and Borrow Trust, the world’s first and only fully-regulated P2P lending platform on which all loans are secured by physical, allocated, investment-grade gold and silver bars, enabling borrowers to reduce their cost of funds while simultaneously reducing the credit risk borne by lenders. Prior to joining LBT he was the Head of Wealth Services for Goldmoney, Inc (TSX: XAU) the world’s leading gold-backed financial services and technology firm. He has previously held Managing Director positions at Deutsche Bank and Lehman Brothers, overseeing teams responsible for product development and investment strategy. A California native, John has worked in New York, London and Germany during his 25-year financial services career. He is also the author of The Golden Revolution (2012) and The Golden Revolution, Revisited (2017), books exploring the causes and consequences of the 2008 global financial crisis and the implications of gold remonetisation for asset allocation and investment strategy.