Aurore Belfrage

VC-Panel at GrowthCon17

    Aurore says about GrowthCon17:

    „Building a business is really hard and it comes down to the team’s determination, diverse and complementary skill and some luck. I look forward to meeting awesome teams building next gen of tech companies.“

    Aurore Belfrage is a tech-geek-entrepreneur, angel investor, startup coach, news junkie, social media marketer, speechwriter, ex-scrap dealer, aubergine lover & a West Wing fan.
    Aurore started her operational career as a scrap dealer in Stena Metal Group where she was managing director for the Czech and Italian subsidiaries/scrap yards. For the past 8 years Aurore has been working from London, Middle East, Stockholm and Silicon Valley with digital marketing, international tech startups and social media.
    She co-founded the global giftcard startup Wrapp with Skype founder Zennström and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman as early investors. Global brands as well as startup entrepreneurs belong to Aurore’s on-going advisory and coaching clients.
    The last 2 years she has partnered with the acclaimed Middle East current affairs site Your Middle East. Your Middle East is a young, innovative company that challenges existing structures and looks for new paths with the aim to change MENA societies and the world for the better.
    Aurore managed, moderated and monetized their successful 10-city, no-nonsense MENA road show about startups and entrepreneurship “Saluting the Crazy and Naïve”. Read all about her thoughts on startups and follow her work on her blog iAubergine.