Speakers of 2017

Andreas Thümmler

Andreas Thümmler founded “CFP” in 1998 that merged with ACXIT Capital Management in 2015 to form ACXIT Capital Partners.

    Christian Angermayer

    Christian Angermayer (36) is a serial entrepreneur and investor born in Germany and based in London.

      Dr Alex von Frankenberg

      Dr Alex von Frankenberg has been active in the world of venture capital and start-ups since 2000 and became Managing Director of High-Tech Gründerfonds in 2005.

        Dr Marcus C. Funke

        Marcus Funke is a partner in the Frankfurt office of Latham & Watkins advising clients in all aspects of securities and corporate law.

          Hannah Klose

          Hannah is a natural born host! Her talent for authentic and charming moderation as well as hands on stage training is unique and empowering.

            Hans-Christian Boos

            Chris Boos' (Arago) mission: empowering human potential, freeing up time for creativity and innovative thinking through AI.

              Jan Andresen

              Managing Director of Engagement at the Cyber Innovation Hub of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr).

                John Butler

                John Butler is the Chief Executive Officer of the Lend and Borrow Trust.

                  Tobias Schrödel

                  Live Hack at GrowthCon17

                  Tobias is maybe the „first IT-Comedian“. He explains technical vulnerabilities and correlations in a way, everybody can understand.

                    Dr Michael Hoppe

                    Steps for Children at GrowthCon17

                    Social entrepreneur/consultant-founder of foundation steps for children Founded his own market research company during his studies.

                      Stephan Kress

                      Cybersecurity Panel at GrowthCon17

                      Stephan Kress is a lawyer in the Frankfurt office of Latham & Watkins and member of the global Technology Transactions Group.

                        Rudolf Scharping

                        Cybersecurity Panel at GrowthCon17

                        Rudolf Scharping, born in 1947, from 1975 until 2005 served on important political positions.

                          Peter Jaeger

                          Opening Panel AI/Deeptech at GrowthCon17

                          Peter Jaeger was born in Hamburg, Germany, and formed a career as information scientist and business economist.

                            Dr. Regina Engelstädter

                            “Deals across the Rhine” at GrowthCon17

                            Dr. Regina Engelstädter is a partner in the Corporate practice of Paul Hastings and is based in the firm’s Frankfurt office.

                              Michael Brehm

                              VC-Panel at GrowthCon17

                              Michael is a serial tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Redstone.

                                Mehrdad Piroozram

                                FinTech Panel at GrowthCon17

                                Mehrdad Piroozram is the founder and general partner at InsurTech.vc.

                                  Martin Micko

                                  Opening Panel AI/Deeptech at GrowthCon17

                                  Martin Micko is an experienced manager, who has been working in leadership positions at IBM, Sony or EMC².

                                    Markus Vervier

                                    Cybersecurity Panel at GrowthCon17

                                    Markus Vervier is a security researcher from Germany and head of X41 – one of the top security startups in Germany.

                                      Marc Bernegger

                                      FinTech Panel at GrowthCon17

                                      Aged 20, Marc founded usgang.ch and he is a founder of amiando.

                                        Laurent Mouflin

                                        “Deals across the Rhine” at GrowthCon17

                                        Laurent Mouflin worked for 5 years within investment funds in France and England.

                                          Kai Herzberger

                                          AdTech-Panel at GrowthCon17

                                          Kai Herzberger is heading the eComm & Transformational Retail team of Facebook for the DACH & EMEA region.

                                            Jörg Binnenbrücker

                                            VC-Panel at GrowthCon17

                                            Jörg is managing partner at Capnamic Ventures. He is co-creator of the multi-company fund.

                                              Hanns-Bertin Aderhold

                                              Opening Panel AI/Deeptech at GrowthCon17

                                              Hanns-Bertin Aderhold is founder and managing director of Cobrainer.

                                                Gerald Hörhan

                                                FinTech Panel at GrowthCon17

                                                Gerald B. Hörhan is an Austrian investmentbanker, real estate investor, author and online entrepreneur.

                                                  Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj

                                                  Opening Panel AI/Deeptech at GrowthCon17

                                                  Gunjan is the Founder and CEO of the Innoplexus group. He earlier worked at BCG and EY.

                                                    Dr. Daniel Röder

                                                    Pulse of Europe at GrowthCon17

                                                    Dr. Daniel Röder is one of the initiators of the civilian movement Pulse of Europe which was launched in late 2016.

                                                      Oliver Mahr

                                                      “Deals across the Rhine” at GrowthCon17

                                                      Oliver is Investment Manager at Deutsche Börse Venture Network to build a strong, international network of high-growth companies and top investors.

                                                        Matthias Kröner

                                                        “Deals across the Rhine” at GrowthCon17

                                                        Matthias Kröner is spokesman of the Fidor Bank AG board since January 2009.

                                                          Michael Schatzschneider

                                                          “Deals across the Rhine” at GrowthCon17

                                                          Michael (Euronext) has wide experience in corporate finance and worked at i.a. at BHF, Commerzbank

                                                            David Boles

                                                            Case Study „trivago’s NASDAQ IPO" at GrowthCon17

                                                            David Boles is a partner in the London office of Latham & Watkins and advises clients in the areas of international capital markets and securities regulation.

                                                              Daniel Gutenberg

                                                              Unicorn or living dead? at GrowthCon17

                                                              Daniel Gutenberg – super angel investor, venture capitalist and unicorn hunter in the investment industry.

                                                                Thomas Bieri

                                                                Cybersecurity Panel at GrowthCon17

                                                                Tom has worked for the last 20 years in corporate finance / investment banking, starting in 1997.

                                                                  Fabien Dombard

                                                                  Cybersecurity Panel at GrowthCon17

                                                                  For the past twelve years Fabien Dombard has been exploring the info-security arena with consistent curiosity and appetite.

                                                                    Jean-Luc Cyrot

                                                                    “Deals across the Rhine” at GrowthCon17

                                                                    Jean-Luc Cyrot co-founded TIME for Growth in Paris in 2009 and is acting as Partner.

                                                                      Benjamin Heimlich

                                                                      AdTech-Panel at GrowthCon17

                                                                      Benjamin Heimlich is managing editor of VentureCapital Magazin.

                                                                        Andreas Schwend

                                                                        AdTech-Panel at GrowthCon17

                                                                        Andreas Schwend, born in 1968, studied industrial engineering in Stuttgart and worked as a technical project manager in the field of IT organization.

                                                                          Aurore Belfrage

                                                                          VC-Panel at GrowthCon17

                                                                          Aurore Belfrage is a tech-geek-entrepreneur, angel investor, startup coach, social media marketer, speechwriter.

                                                                            Christian Claussen

                                                                            VC-Panel at GrowthCon17

                                                                            Christian joined VENTECH/Paris in 2013 as the firms fourth Equity Partner with the mission to spearhead the investment activities in the DACH region.

                                                                              Christian Kleinsorge

                                                                              AdTech-Panel at GrowthCon17

                                                                              Christian Kleinsorge, CEO Ingenious Technologies, works in the Online Business since over 15 years.

                                                                                Christian Sauer

                                                                                AdTech-Panel at GrowthCon17

                                                                                Christian Sauer founded Webtrekk GmbH in 2004 alongside co-founder and CTO Norman Wahnschaff and remained until June 2017 the CEO of the company.