Sponsoring Packages

Become part of our trusted network of event partners and be a sponsor of GrowthCon 2017. We aim to provide you with the highest degree of flexibility, therefore we try to customize partner packages as much as possible. Please find below various extra elements for sponsoring.

Take a lead position and be the host of the Speakers‘ Dinner at Weinsinn Frankfurt. Seize the opportunity for perfect brand positioning and give the Speakers‘ Dinner your touch of style.

  • 2 free tickets
  • logo (online, website and social media activities)
  • mini profile 1/4 Page (conference brochure)
  • 5 free tickets
  • logo (online, website and social media activities)
  • profile 1/2 Page (conference brochure)
  • panel slot
  • 10 free tickets
  • logo (online, website and social media activities)
  • profile 1/1 Page (conference brochure)
  • exhibition stand
  • panel moderator

Branding Opportunities

From lanyards to badges, from writing materials to branded areas, there are many ways of putting your brand into focus on top of our sponsoring packages, which we are happy to discuss with you.

all prices

Price (in EUR, excl. VAT)

Regular Price per Ticket: EUR 399.– (excl. VAT and ticket fee)

  • 20 free tickets
  • logo (lead sponsoring with ACXIT/VCDE)
  • profile 1/1 Page (conference brochure) + interview
  • exhibition stand
  • speaker slot
  • opening panel --> Be our host of the Opening Panel right at the beginning of a great conference day. Having the full attention by our audience, we will give you plenty of room to make this panel your platform.


We have different sponsoring opportunities. Individual packages possible!