Deutsche Börse Venture Network supports growth
Deutsche Börse is making a significant contribution to creating a strong ecosystem for growth in Germany through Deutsche Börse Venture Network®. Its specially developed offering tailored to its members is designed to make a noticeable difference in the financing situation of young, aspiring companies in Germany – for founders and investors alike. Deutsche Börse is focusing its expertise on the pre-IPO area in order to facilitate companies‘ access to capital there, too, and thereby support innovations with a potential long-term impact on growth in Germany and Europe.

Deutsche Börse Venture Network was launched in 2015. It has been expanding ever since, with currently more than 300 members across Europe. A customised service offering is an ideal means of support for its members. Growth companies value access to contacts and skills enhancement trainings – both being key factors to successful growth management. It aids companies in their early growth stages in pursuing their financing objectives effectively and optimally. The network offers investors high-quality investment opportunities in companies from the early to the late growth stages.

Deutsche Börse AG is making a large-scale effort to strengthen and expand venture capital financing in Germany and Europe. We believe in the power of innovative ideas – for a better future.